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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  March 13, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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she was playing in her yard when dogs attacked, and now a 7-year-old girl is in serious condition. baltimore county police say that attack took place yesterday just after 5 :00 in a neighborhood in kun dalg. manny locke has details on exactly what happened. >> reporter: a bicycle and a bloody sidewalk are the only evidence of a vicious attack on a 700 block of villager circle in dundalk. >> one was on this side, the right, and one was on the left side of the check, right to left they was just pulling the cheek,
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ripping it apart, and they rip her hair out by the roots. >> reporter: baltimore county police say 7-year-old amanda mitchell was attacked by dogs and is now suffering from numerous bites after two pit bulls got loose from a neighbor's yard. the little girl had been playing and riding her bike in a neighborhood when the dogs came at her. her aunt, is thanking god neighbors came to amanda's aid. >> one neighbor tried to help. he gave the dog two hits with a shovel, and the shovel, and the dog still wouldn't let go on my niece. and then he hit the dog the third time and that's when the dog let go of her. and that's when my sister grabbed her up and bring her into her house before the dogs came back. >> reporter: but neighbors say this isn't the first time these dogs have gotten loose. that's why ann and her dog pandora stay away from that part of the block. >> there have been a number of
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complaints about the dogs and they have's 've gotten loss and good loose and gone after other dogs. >> reporter: this is more than a scare for amanda's family. >> her face is torn apart, and her left cheek, they have to watch. >> reporter: they're at johns hopkins where amanda is being treated. her aunt says she'll likely need more surgeries. in dundalk, manny locke, abc2 news. animal control officers now have those two pit bulls in their custody. baltimore county police are continuing their investigation tonight. and our coverage of this attack continues. abc 2 news sheryl conner spoke with the 7-year-old's mom just moments ago and joins us live from the hospital, sheryl, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the most heart breaking information her mom shared with me is 7-year-old amanda is unable to smile. she has deep lacerations on both sides of her face, and will
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require several surgeries. she stepped outside of the hospital this evening to tell us more that's where her daughter is being treated. she witnessed the two pit bulls attacking and tried to beat them off her. her daughter is complaining about the intense pain. doctors tell her she will survive but it's a long road ahead after the vicious attack. >> the dog was pulling hard and i run and i hold on to her and i keep pushing the dog away and the two dogs keep pulling her and i keep grabbing her, grabbing her and keep fighting with my one hand. but the dog caught me a couple of bites but they didn't want me, they just keep going where they see the blood at. >> reporter: and the mom told me she hopes those two pit bulls are put to sleep. the family has spoken to the owners of the dogs.
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we will very a more on what they had to say coming up at 11. and tonight, baltimore city police are investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead in northeast baltimore. the shooting happened last night around 6:00 in the 1100 block of gorsich avenue. the people were shot when they left a deli. one person later died. the other two are in stable condition tonight. tonight maryland state police are looking for suspects after a woman is attacked while in the shower. police say it happened inside a home on the 400 block of london court in westminster. the woman and the suspect struggled and the victim got away. she went to a neighbor's house. she was treated and released from shock trauma. anyone with information is asked to call police at 410-386-3000. police have identified a woman who was killed during a
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burglary at an upscale store in bethesda. she was attacked in the lululemon athletica store where they worked. one of them forgot some and went back and they were attacked by two men dressed in masks and gloves. a employee showed up for work on saturday morning and realized something was wrong. >> she said she came and the door was unlocked. and i guess she went in and saw them. >> reporter: murray was killed and her co-worker was sexually assaulted but she did survive the attack. police have no suspects. friends and family said a final goodbye to joe gormon, who died wednesday after a long and courageous battle with leukemia. the funeral was last saturday.
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now to the latest on the devastation in japan. at this hour, the country is entering a fourth day of crisis. its worst since world war ii according to the prime minister. the estimated death toll has now passed 10,000. rescue and recovery efforts are straining resources there and a third disaster is developing as technicians work desperately to keep several nuclear reactors from melting down. here is diana alviar. >>. >> reporter: with images that speak for themselves, japan's prime minister spoke frankly. in the 65 years after the end of world war ii, this is the toughest, most difficult crisis for japan. sendai and surrounding areas resemble a war zone as troops race to pull the living from the ruins. this man was pulled nine miles out to sea. he was rescued while floating on his rooftop. another man said he refused to die. my thoughts were focused on my
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family. i decided to make every effort to survive. but anyone survived the tsunami seems a miracle. witness this massive wall slamming into homes. this woman is pregnant. >> i want to know what's going on at the nuclear plant. >> reporter: two units at the fukushima facility are being flooded with sea water. a last-ditch effort to prevent a meltdown. lines for gas are getting longer, and food shelves are getting bare. many are still missing. and many people are trying to get in touch with loved ones in japan. the state department has set up a hot line for you to call if that's the case. 888-407-4747 is the number. you can also send an e-mail to
6:38 pm and remember to stay with abc 2 and abc2 news for the latest developments on this devastating quake and tsunami in japan. we are more on our website. . a nice looking sunday of weather across maryland today. a lot of sunshine. temperatures pushing up close to 60 in many spots, cooler than yesterday. satellite radar pictures across the state, not much out there. a few clouds north and west in the state. so a clear night but a night featuring a chilly breeze beginning to work its way in after pushing up to 65 in annapolis, now cooling down into 40s. chillier air tonight, drop to 35 degrees overnight and then 42 in the morning, pushing up only to 50 tomorrow afternoon. so it is going to be a cooler
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day around here. we'll talk about what the rest of the week looks like when we may see more rain. it's coming up, joce. tomorrow a union rally in annapolis is expected to draw a huge crowd. unions that oppose state reform will gather by the state house. a major road will be closed on monday and senators are being warned to get to the session early. and i don't know about you, but after this winter i am ready for a vacation and i could use help with planning and that's what marylanders were getting today for free. we'll tell you who was lending a hand to get people headed towards paradise. and they are the must-have accessories of the 80s that you're ashamed to admit you wore. but they're back, and what they're calling them these days, coming you.
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take a look at the numbers from today, 57 degrees out there and absolutely one of those days pretty good. ross myers our two degree weather winner out of japa. we'll talk more about the weather, right after this.
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. unfortunately, still no good news at the pumps. since the end of february gas prices have surged up 37 cents. according to aaa, the average price for that gallon $37 cents. according to aaa, the average price for that gallon of regular tops out at $3.55, although some suspect the situation in japan may send the prices lower here at home. >> japan is the third largest consumer of crude oil. so demand will drastically decline now, and we should see a ripple effect at pumps across the u.s. >> analysts say anxiety over unrest in the middle east has driven gas prices higher lately
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but after friday's earthquake oil prices were down. a new change could put you in danger. all emergency oxygen masks have been removed from airplane bathrooms. the faa removed them last month. they plan to work with aircraft manufacturers to install a new oxygen system in every u.s. airplane. until then, someone will have to check to make sure no one is in the restroom when oxygen masks are needed. united airlines has raised its air fare by 10 bucks. airlines have been boosting fares to keep pace with rising jet fuel costs. rising air fare and gas bills don't inspire thoughts of vacation. have you to get a jump on planning if you want to save a buck or two. marylanders who are thinking about getaways got help today
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thanks to a travel expo organized by triple a mid-atlantic. the expo was free. dozens of vendors were on hand to plan the perfect vacation and help you to figure out how to pack everything you need for the trip. and we're working to bring you big savings on the go this month with our app a day keeps the debt away series on savings at six. we showed you how to save money on music, grocery shopping, and others, and tonight we're helping you save money but helping you manage your health better. we want to show you this new app, it's called spark people. you create an account and put in personal information which we did about eating habits and your weight and when you use this every day you can help get your target weight loss goal and it will let you know what you need to work on, it's like a personal trainer. you put in information about fitness you do, track it by the day, you can put in the kind of food you eat, it gives you exercise demos to let you know what you can focus on. if you have any other great apps to help you save money, let me
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know about it. leave us a comment on this story on our website or on our facebook page, . had a chance to get out to kent arrows today. temperatures decent. mild, but cooling off as we speak tonight. take a look at pictures across our state today and you can see baltimore partly cloudy skies and definitely looking very nice out there. some sunshine. how about a look at iamsville. great looking day to get out on the golf course, take a jog. get a sense the winter is starting to break. look talth boats out there, a regeta out there. all across the state a great looking day. right now conditions out at bwi,
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53 degrees, humidity 39%, winds are west northwest at 13 and the pressure is rising. the radar, five sweeps all clear. expecting the state to be rest of the today and tomorrow. rain in the week not to produce the flood weeg saw earlier this week. most of the state basking under a clear sky and mid-and low 50s. sunset later today. sunset past 7:00 now that we've set the clocks ahead an hour for daylight savings time. temperatures coming in out of the north and west certainly, certainly a cool night out there temperaturewise. highs today were reasonable, pretty nice, 60 in salisbury. close to 60 in easton, baltimore, washington, and out to the north and west in the mid-50s. take a look at entire region right now. a few passing clouds. had a couple of showers off-shore of ocean city earlier today but nothing over the state
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itself. passing cool front driving itself through the state bringing in the cooler winds tonight. not a lot going on right now in the mid-atlantic but that could change later this week. in the meantime, cooler but drier air blows in this evening and a second shot of cool air overnight will mean a fairly cool day tomorrow. in the 40s most of the day. chance for showers not getting in on tuesday. see the rain to the west, slow moving weather pattern this week so i think we're dry right through tuesday afternoon. over night tonight, 33. tomorrow, 50. that will be your two degree guarantee. but tomorrow we cool things off as we fall to 32. a chilly night under a partly cloudy sky. the chill coming back, good news here in the 7-day forecast. back up close to 60 degrees ton wednesday, and thursday, the all-important st. patrick's day
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festivities for irishmen and ladies out there. 65. we may get above 70 degrees on friday. i'm telling you now, some good looking spring weather here. >> springtime, just in time. >> admit it, you know you had a fanny pack. i know you did. >> i my dad had that one. >> still? well, you know, back in the day it held your lip gloss, keys, everything, right around your waist, so convenient. fanny packs are up there with shoulder pads. they're making a comeback. how this fashion faux pas is being reworked, next. ♪
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. they may be practical but they've never really been considered fashionable by anyone except for wyatt's dad. i'm talking about fanny packs. now it looks like the times they are a-changing. those are fanny packs strapped to the hips and legs of high fashion models this year.
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they are called a must-have accessory. two things have changed with this former fashion faux pas. the first is the name. >> the name, you know, is still verboten. you call it anything else than a fanny park. you call it a hip bag or you call it a belt of some kind. >> well, you can call it whatever you want. designers have upped the price with price tags from 300 to $3,000. i don't think so. whether you're irish or pretending to be with a day to celebrate. we'll take you to the st. patrick's day parade, coming right up.
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people come to destin for one reason-- and that's our beaches. if guests don't come down, we don't have an economy. my wife and i manage vacation rental homes here. we were booked up for the entire year and then the oil spill hit. bp said that they would make it right with us. i brought my cancellations and bp made up the difference. i wanted them to clean up our beaches,
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get back our gulf coast, and now the beaches are clean and tourists are coming back. i didn't know what to expect, but they did what they said they were going to do. our gulf coast is open for business and we're looking forward to a great next year. my name's rick scali. bp asked me to share my story to keep you informed. i wanted you to know that easy street, pet-friendly vacation rentals, is ready to give you the best vacation ever. come on down. give us a try, and don't forget to bring your whole family.
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. all right. fanfare in baltimore as we head into the st. patrick's day holiday. hundreds gathered downtown to bands, dance troupes, and people in green make their way on the parade. >> i like to see some of the bands and i like the dancing. and i like to see my sister, too. >> digging the hat on her. today's festivities included a 5k shamrock run. more than 4,000 runners were expected to take part of in. good weather for that. >> we're all a little bit irish this week. >> absolutely. >> nice night out there tonight. in 50s. good sunday evening for you. tomorrow will be chillier, struggle to get to 50. dress warmer today.
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mid-60s on st. patrick's day. warm up after the week after showers tuesday, wednesday, and look at friday, maybe 74. >> i love it. sounds like spring. >> that's it for abc2 news at six. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11. have a great night. >> see you tonight. [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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